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How Do You Minimise Expenses On Your HMO

minimise costs on your hmo, how to reduce hmo expenses, hmo property

According to a survey, renting an HMO to a tenant could save £1600 in just one year, compared to a more traditional 1-tenant property. This is due to the fact that HMO contracts often include most utility bills, like water and electricity in the rent, divided fairly among the tenants, making it more appealing to Read More

How To Create More Rooms For Your HMO

how to add more rooms in an hmo property, add value to an hmo property, add more living space n an hmo property

If you’ve ever tuned in to the fix and flip podcast episodes of We Buy Houses Radio with Rick Otton, the main goal of any refurb project is to increase the value of the property. In HMO’s, adding more rooms is a great way to improve earning potential. But before you go all out converting Read More

Practical Tips On How To Furnish Your HMO

how to furnish hmo property, tips on furnishing hmo property, what you need in an hmo property, hmo investor

It is understandable that you would want to treat your first HMO as you would your own home. You would want to put a few 60 inch TVs in there, a nice reclining sofa and maybe even a few bottles of good Irish Whisky within reach. The problem with this notion is that you are Read More

How Brexit Affects Your HMO Investments

how brexit affects hmo investing, how brexit affects hmo property, hmo properties

After the Brexit referendum sailed through, it was certain how to trade binary options that uncertainty was the order of the day, at least as far as the economy was concerned. True to those fears, the economy did take a bit of hit with the pound weakening some against major world currencies. With that came a bit of a shake Read More

How To Hire An HMO Manager

how to hire an hmo manager, have someone manage your hmo, hmo property

Once you have gone through all the trouble of finding the right HMO and amassing all the money you would need to own one, there is still one more step you need to undertake before you can start celebrating and rolling in the ‘dough’. You have to run it successfully. And this is where it Read More

Rules And Regulations On Owning An HMO

hmo rules and regulations, buy an hmo property, what is an hmo property, how to know if a property is an hmo property

Those of you who are regular readers know that I am an advocate of the benefits that HMO’s can provide both investor-landlords as well as tenants. Yes, ownership can be profitable. As importantly, residents can enjoy less expense and a greater quality of life by sharing common spaces and daily lives with other “households”. On Read More

How To Increase Your Earnings From Your HMO

how to increase earnings from hmo, how to increase hmo profit, hmo properties

Almost every HMO owner dreams of the same thing: a day when they will be able to earn more from their properties without stress, aggravation and tax increases. But alas, that kind of Utopia only exist for a few lucky property owners who have found the secret to making the most out of their HMOs. Read More

Who Is The Ideal HMO Tenant?

how to find the right tenants, how to find the best tenants, hmo property, find tenants for hmo property

We have all dreamed of finding them; the ideal HMO tenant. Someone who is willing to pay above market rates in rent, always pays on time and sometimes even a few months in advance, takes good care of the place (preferably a DIY enthusiasts who handles their own repairs – with your permission of course), Read More

How Long Can You Expect Tenants To Stay In Your HMO?

how long should your lease be, lease contracts for tenants, long term lease contracts, short term lease contracts

There are very many differing views as to how long a landlord should expect tenants to stay in their HMO. Some believe that longer lease terms serve them better while others think that shorter ones are more prudent. As is the case with most subjective matters of your own business, the answer lies with your Read More