How To Squeeze More Value Out Of Your HMO

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There’s hardly any property investor that goes into this game with the aim of losing money. Everyone wants a good return on their investment. This is more so true for people who own HMOs. They all want the best tenants, the best rent rates and fair taxes as well as minimal to no overheads or Read More

3 Tips for Advertising Your HMO

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Being a landlord, as liberating and self-governing as it can be, brings with it its own set of nightmares. The leading one being an empty property. When you have no tenants, you are losing potential income every single day. And as the days go by, your property is slowly losing its value and appeal that Read More

Common HMO Investing Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them!

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By far, one of the most lucrative sectors of the housing market, HMO or buy-to-let housing can make or break your fortunes as a property investor. The thing is, there are thousands of investors in the UK and around the world who are enjoying incredible profits from simple HMO investments they made years ago. These Read More

How Do You Know When To Raise Rents For HMO Tenants?

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One thing most landlords understand that seems to by-pass tenants is that this is a business. And as such, there are some financial ramifications that come into play. Yes, you may have beautiful notions of being the world’s ‘coolest’ landlord by keeping your rent rates low and never increasing them in fear of infuriating your Read More

HMO Certifications You Don’t Really Need

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In the UK, HMO properties are not quite similar to co-housing communities, but it is more than normal for families here to come together and share common areas with other families. However, before you look for an HMO property, make sure you know everything regarding the licensing requirements and other rules and regulations relevant to Read More

How To Get The Most Money When Selling Your HMO Property

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What if you need to offload your HMO property? What is it that you can do to make the most out of that sale? Here are some simple tips to help earn as much as you can from selling your HMO. Keep it well maintained and make any necessary repairs The same rules apply. Unless Read More

Investing in HMO – 3 Lessons You Should Know

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If you’re a longtime reader of my blog, by now you probably know that I am all about HMO investments. I find that this form of real estate investment has the most potential for multiplying ROI. By simply buying one unit and transforming it into an HMO, you are quite effectively opening up several revenue/rental Read More

HMO Violations Caught Red-Handed!

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In this blog, I always share short guidelines on how HMO landlords or managers can comply with existing regulations on HMO properties. Compliance with these requirements may be a big burden, especially when you are running an HMO property only as a sideline. However, despite the logistical and time constraints, I encourage all HMO landlords Read More

It’s A Tough Road Ahead For HMO Landlords

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When I started out as a landlord I expected to rake in money from my property portfolio from day one – an assumption I developed from reading a ton of books on wealth creation. What I didn’t know was that the life of a HMO landlord is a life filled with paperwork, requirements, and strict Read More

Simple Ways To Improve The Valuation Of Your HMO Property!

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One of the biggest challenges when selling HMO is the possibility that the value of your property will decrease once a surveyor steps in the picture. If you’re still new to the industry, surveyors are hired to determine the market value of your property. I used to dread surveyors, but after understanding the process and Read More