Investing in HMO – 3 Lessons You Should Know

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If you’re a longtime reader of my blog, by now you probably know that I am all about HMO investments. I find that this form of real estate investment has the most potential for multiplying ROI. By simply buying one unit and transforming it into an HMO, you are quite effectively opening up several revenue/rental Read More

HMO Violations Caught Red-Handed!

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In this blog, I always share short guidelines on how HMO landlords or managers can comply with existing regulations on HMO properties. Compliance with these requirements may be a big burden, especially when you are running an HMO property only as a sideline. However, despite the logistical and time constraints, I encourage all HMO landlords Read More

It’s A Tough Road Ahead For HMO Landlords

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When I started out as a landlord I expected to rake in money from my property portfolio from day one – an assumption I developed from reading a ton of books on wealth creation. What I didn’t know was that the life of a HMO landlord is a life filled with paperwork, requirements, and strict Read More

Simple Ways To Improve The Valuation Of Your HMO Property!

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One of the biggest challenges when selling HMO is the possibility that the value of your property will decrease once a surveyor steps in the picture. If you’re still new to the industry, surveyors are hired to determine the market value of your property. I used to dread surveyors, but after understanding the process and Read More

2 Aspects Of Being A Landlord That Newbies Should Take More Seriously

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The Landlord Advice Team (LAT) of the Residential Landlord’s Association is a group of trained individuals who answer calls from RLA members round the clock. From small claims to high profile incidents like illegal cannabis farming, members of the LAT can offer a solution to any of your landlord woes. Since LAT answers queries every Read More

Who Is The Target Market Of An HMO Landlord?

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HMO property is a residence where different and unrelated people rent rooms under one roof. While these renters do not own the house, they are all allowed access to common areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Hostels, residence halls, and bed and breakfasts are some popular examples of HMOs in the real world. Living in Read More

Managing Problematic Tenants In Your HMO Property

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The food thief, the party animal, and the anti-social are just some problematic tenants that landlords have to deal with. Lucky landlords may only have to face tenants like these a few times in their career. But for us- HMO investors – it’s possible to deal with these problems every few months or, even worse, Read More

The Thin Red Line Between Damage And Wear & Tear

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There is a fine line between damage and wear and tear, which is why HMO landlords have a hard time distinguishing one from the other when inspection time comes. Why do we have to distinguish these two in the first place? When the tenant damages the rental property, you can take off the costs from Read More

Fire Safety Regulations That HMO Owners Should Be Aware Of

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HMO investing can be a very rewarding venture – provided you meet all the requirements necessary to operate. Believe me, you don’t ever want to be in a position where you are unable to rent out your property because of a few missed guidelines. Those incidents aren’t only expensive, they can be very costly. Unfortunately, Read More

How To Transact HMOs More Efficiently

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Through the years, I’ve learned that seller finance can be a useful option when transacting HMO properties. Unfortunately, not too many are open to the idea. Only around 10 per cent of sellers agree on these seller finance terms and among those who sell HMOs, the number is even smaller. For those who are new Read More