How To Hire People To Manage Your HMO’s

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Being a landlord of an HMO is not an easy task, particularly if you have multiple HMO’s to manage. Remember, a property is only considered an HMO if it’s rented by 5 or more people. If you have more than one or two HMO operating properties, investing in a property management company is a smart Read More

How Do You Minimise Expenses On Your HMO

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According to a survey, renting an HMO to a tenant could save £1600 in just one year, compared to a more traditional 1-tenant property. This is due to the fact that HMO contracts often include most utility bills, like water and electricity in the rent, divided fairly among the tenants, making it more appealing to Read More

How To Hire An HMO Manager

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Once you have gone through all the trouble of finding the right HMO and amassing all the money you would need to own one, there is still one more step you need to undertake before you can start celebrating and rolling in the ‘dough’. You have to run it successfully. And this is where it Read More

Who Is The Ideal HMO Tenant?

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We have all dreamed of finding them; the ideal HMO tenant. Someone who is willing to pay above market rates in rent, always pays on time and sometimes even a few months in advance, takes good care of the place (preferably a DIY enthusiasts who handles their own repairs – with your permission of course), Read More

Should You Turn Serviced Apartments Into HMO’s?

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I was watching this Rick Otton video the other day where he talks about HMOs. He asks why are we in it and what do we want to get out of it. The premise of the video is that the primary motivation for investing is always to make profit. After all, a good investment is Read More

Biggest Legal Concerns In HMO Investing

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As a property owner running an HMO, there are quite a number of issues that you need to deal with almost on a daily basis. Regardless of whether or not you have hired a property manager to run your affairs, these legal concerns ultimately fall back on your plate. That is why you, as the Read More

How To Squeeze More Value Out Of Your HMO

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There’s hardly any property investor that goes into this game with the aim of losing money. Everyone wants a good return on their investment. This is more so true for people who own HMOs. They all want the best tenants, the best rent rates and fair taxes as well as minimal to no overheads or Read More

3 Tips for Advertising Your HMO

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Being a landlord, as liberating and self-governing as it can be, brings with it its own set of nightmares. The leading one being an empty property. When you have no tenants, you are losing potential income every single day. And as the days go by, your property is slowly losing its value and appeal that Read More

Common HMO Investing Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them!

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By far, one of the most lucrative sectors of the housing market, HMO or buy-to-let housing can make or break your fortunes as a property investor. The thing is, there are thousands of investors in the UK and around the world who are enjoying incredible profits from simple HMO investments they made years ago. These Read More

How Do You Know When To Raise Rents For HMO Tenants?

when to increase rent, how to know when to increase rent, hmo property, hmo rentals

One thing most landlords understand that seems to by-pass tenants is that this is a business. And as such, there are some financial ramifications that come into play. Yes, you may have beautiful notions of being the world’s ‘coolest’ landlord by keeping your rent rates low and never increasing them in fear of infuriating your Read More