Practical Legal Tips For HMO Landlords

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Rules regulating the operation of HMO properties have doubled up in recent years, because of increased demand for shared accommodations. Here are some practical legal tips to help you remain on the good side of the law when managing your HMO property: Draw up a written lease agreement Writing up a tenancy agreement seems like Read More

Are Letting Agents Allergic To HMOs?

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When I first entered the property market, my original plan was to convert an old house into an HMO and then find a letting agent who would manage the property in my stead. The plan looked so perfect on paper, but when the time came to implement all my ideas I was in for the Read More

Subletting in HMOs: Do’s and Don’ts

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I’ve been running HMO properties for over a decade now, and I’ve encountered my fair share of problems caused by sneaky tenants. Out of all these incidents, subletting always seems to pop up in all of my properties every few months. Listen, I’m not saying that all subletting is bad. Under existing UK laws, renters Read More

Why should you invest in HMOs?

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“Houses in Multiple Occupation” or HMOs have been receiving so much media attention lately, it’s like the One Direction of property investment in the UK. So far, I think that the extra media attention has worked since I’m seeing more people invest in HMOs. If you are among those interested in HMO properties, here are Read More

Is more legislation the solution against unlicensed HMO?

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I read in a local paper that the Camden Council conducted a survey about the problems faced by thousands of tenants living in Camden’s 8,585 HMOs (houses in multiple occupation). The report revealed pretty shocking facts about some HMO rentals there claiming that some were covered in black mould due to dampness, and others had Read More

Reasons Why You Should Consider HMO Properties

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HMO Definition Many people talk of HMOs in the real estate sector without knowing what these really are. In layman’s language a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is a property rented out by at least 3 households that share facilities such as kitchen, bathroom or toilet. These properties have today become popular with investors owing Read More

How To Invest In Houses in Multiple Occupation

The main reason why houses in multiple occupation otherwise known as “HMO” are popular is they present a great investment opportunity. There are always tenants who are willing to rent whether it be those that have just gotten their first jobs or college students. The returns on your investment can really be huge. HMOs are Read More