How Brexit Affects Your HMO Investments

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After the Brexit referendum sailed through, it was certain that uncertainty was the order of the day, at least as far as the economy was concerned. True to those fears, the economy did take a bit of hit with the pound weakening some against major world currencies. With that came a bit of a shake Read More

How To Increase Your Earnings From Your HMO

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Almost every HMO owner dreams of the same thing: a day when they will be able to earn more from their properties without stress, aggravation and tax increases. But alas, that kind of Utopia only exist for a few lucky property owners who have found the secret to making the most out of their HMOs. Read More

How To Increase Tenant Applications On Your HMO

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The post-Brexit financial atmosphere is still very fragile, to say the least. Long gone are the days when you could wake up and it would be business as usual. With everyone panicking and making their own financial future plans, it is about time you learned how to make the most of your HMO. What is Read More

Certifications Needed for HMO’s

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I’ve said it before and I believe it bears repeating. Namely, if I had my way, all real estate would be HMO properties. One of the many reasons I prefer model of business is that, to encourage a more communitarian spirit, the government is helping local councils and developers in their work with their communities. Read More

3 Tips on How to Get the Most From Your HMO

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We all know now what landlords have known for years; there is real money to be made in HMO properties. However, it is going to take some serious research skills, persistence and a willingness to learn how to get the most from your HMO. If I had my way, all real estate properties would be Read More

Are HMOs Too Popular, Too Soon?

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It’s official! HMO properties are the most popular investment property in the UK! Shawbrook Bank, one of UK’s major banks, recently conducted a costumer survey and they found that 34 per cent of property investors preferred to invest in HMO properties. Terraced housing turned out to be the second most popular investment property with 28 Read More

Tips On How To Find Student Housing

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Going to university is a big change, not only because you’ll have to familiarise yourself with a new learning environment and people, but also because it’s usually the first time you go out and live on your own. Nevertheless, your worries and fears of living alone may be lessened if you find comfortable accommodation near Read More

Simple Ways To Improve The Valuation Of Your HMO Property!

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One of the biggest challenges when selling HMO is the possibility that the value of your property will decrease once a surveyor steps in the picture. If you’re still new to the industry, surveyors are hired to determine the market value of your property. I used to dread surveyors, but after understanding the process and Read More

Are New HMO Regulations Practical?

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Did you now that HMO regulations have been under a planning system since April 2015? This means that a “new-use class” will be introduced for the conversion of a residential dwelling to a rental property with 3 or more unrelated tenants. Lawmakers claim that they are introducing these new HMO regulations to curb the rise Read More

Face Off Between Single Lets And HMOs

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How do you know what kind of investment property suits you best? There are no hard and fast rules to figure this out. But the following article can give you a glimpse at the distinctions between single lets and HMO properties. Single Lets Single lets are suitable for first-time landlords, because simple buy-to-let properties have Read More