HMO Property Books – The Best Books To Read About HMO Property Investing

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Whether you are new to HMO property investing or are a veteran in the field, you could always use some advice from people who have done this and seen a considerable amount of success. These are the people who tell you all about the kind of pitfalls that exist, the level of success that can be attained, how much money you can make, what laws, taxes and permits you need as well as the do’s and don’ts of HMO investing from experience.

They say that experience is the best teacher. But when it comes to property investing, we know just how expensive acquiring that experience can be. So why not invest in something that will give you an insight into the necessary experience at a fraction of the price. Listed here are the best books to read about HMO property investing.

HMO Property Success by Nick Fox

This is the book that everyone is talking about. Nick Fox, an extensively experienced hand in HMO investing goes into incredible detail on how to make money through this business model. What stands out most about this book is that Nick Fox provides solid and practical advice on the subject. This book gives you a clearly illustrated step-by-step guide on how to go about finding, funding, filling and running a profitable HMO. You will not get any fluff here, only solid content with added value at every turn of the page.

Renting HMO SUSSED by HMO Landlady and Ben Reeve-Lewis

This is a book by two regular Property118 columnists. As usual, HMO Landlady and Ben Reeve-Lewis are not pulling any punches. As much as the book offers practical advice on how to successfully manage an HMO, it also gives you an insight into the ‘rough’ side of being a landlord. The side that not very many people want to talk about but we all know exists. By reading this book you will be adequately prepared to enjoy the lucrative side of owning a successful house of multiple occupation as well as be forewarned about the heartache-filled part of it all.

HMO Property Renovation and Refurbishment Success by Nick Fox and Richard Leonard

As the title suggests, this book focuses on one of the most crucial parts of owning and running an HMO, renovation and refurbishment. Without proper budgeting, project management skills and planning, renovating and refurbishing your HMO can sink you financially. You need to have a trick or two up your sleeve to ensure that you are doing what needs to be done efficiently and economically. That is exactly what this book teaches you how to do.

These are just three of the most valuable and inspirational books on HMO investment. Of course, the market is choke full of some seriously informative books surrounding these subject matter. You only need to be interested in the topic and you will find a lot of experiential tales from some of the most shrewd and successful investors in the business.

Apart from these three, you should also read:

Legally Avoid Property Taxes: Ian Wallis
Hustle Your Way to Property Success: Paul Ribbons
The Collins DIY Manual: David Day and Albert Jackson

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