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hmo investor, hmo investing, hmo propertyHi, I’m Craig. If you’ve had the chance to browse my blog, you probably know by now that I am into HMOs. Perhaps, growing up in a multiple family household along with many of my cousins is why I like HMO properties. To me, it’s completely normal for families to share common areas with other families.

In addition, although HMO properties in the UK aren’t exactly like the ‘cohousing communities’ found in Denmark, I find that HMO properties are the closest to them. And if recent research tells us anything, it’s that a large factor as to why Denmark ranks consistently as one of the happiest places on earth is because most families live in co-housing communities. It is believed that growing up with a large group of people can help develop a more sociable and amicable character (If you haven’t seen the movie “Happy” yet, I suggest that you watch it because they talk about co-housing communities. Very interesting stuff!).

So if you’re interested in looking into HMO properties, feel free to read through my blog. Hopefully, I am able to provide some useful tips and insights!

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