Biggest Legal Concerns In HMO Investing

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As a property owner running an HMO, there are quite a number of issues that you need to deal with almost on a daily basis. Regardless of whether or not you have hired a property manager to run your affairs, these legal concerns ultimately fall back on your plate. That is why you, as the Read More

Serviced Apartments vs. HMO’s: Which Is The Better Investment?

hmo vs apartments, which is better hmo or serviced apartments, is hmo better than serviced apartment

Ever since platforms like Airbnb came around, there has been a bit of confusion between serviced apartments and HMO’s. While some people say that they can make upwards of £200 a week for a £100 a week room while offering it as a serviced apartment, seasoned investors still believe HMOs hold the best long-term returns Read More

How To Know When A Property Is Perfect for HMO

who to know when a property is good for HMO, hmo investing, invest in hmo

Multi-Let UK has determined that the gross return in HMO let to young professionals and workers has increased by 18-20% of the last 5 years. What that means is that, on average, every £1,000 invested in this kind of venture since 2011, had grown to about £1,900 last year (2016). This is a huge margin Read More

How To Evict Bad HMO Tenants

how to evict bad tenants, how to make money with hmo property, invest in hmo

We all hope to have a wonderful time when we invest in our HMO. We dream of punctual paying tenants who do not bother us; tenants who only ever have celebrity visitors; and tenants who get along swimmingly with everyone else. But unfortunately, this may not always be the case. Sometimes, you get one of Read More

How To Squeeze More Value Out Of Your HMO

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There’s hardly any property investor that goes into this game with the aim of losing money. Everyone wants a good return on their investment. This is more so true for people who own HMOs. They all want the best tenants, the best rent rates and fair taxes as well as minimal to no overheads or Read More

How To Increase Tenant Applications On Your HMO

how to increase tenant applications, how to increase tenants, hmo properties, increase tenants in hmo properties

The post-Brexit financial atmosphere is still very fragile, to say the least. Long gone are the days when you could wake up and it would be business as usual. With everyone panicking and making their own financial future plans, it is about time you learned how to make the most of your HMO. What is Read More

How To Avoid Admin Work On Your HMO

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I’ve shared a Rick Otton video before about building a team to help you with the buying process of your property. But after purchasing your property, you’ll probably need another team if you don’t want to lose countless of hours managing everything yourself. There are quite a few things you have to put in place Read More

3 Tips for Advertising Your HMO

how to advertise hmo property, tips to advertise hmo property, hmo property

Being a landlord, as liberating and self-governing as it can be, brings with it its own set of nightmares. The leading one being an empty property. When you have no tenants, you are losing potential income every single day. And as the days go by, your property is slowly losing its value and appeal that Read More

How To Handle Tenants When Selling Your HMO

how to sell hmo property with tenants, how to sell hmo, how to deal with bad tenants

I’ve shared a Rick Otton video recently about turning HMOs into ATMs. And in that video – an important question is raised: why are you in it (investing in HMO property)? Like any investment, the goal is to make money. And sometimes, selling the property makes more financial sense than keeping it. If you’re in Read More

Common HMO Investing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them!)

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By far, one of the most lucrative sectors of the housing market, HMO and buy-to-let housing, can make or break your fortunes as a property investor. The thing is, there are thousands of investors in the UK and around the world who are enjoying incredible profits from simple HMO investments they made years ago. These Read More